You Already Know Me!

A Scoop of Natural, with a Side of Quirky, and Sprinkles of Sparkle on Top!

I’m the girl you smile and wave at, thinking we’ve met before. The neighbor you trust with your kids, pets and gossip.

Mostly, I’m the professional voice actor … The person who connects your audience with YOUR story; with the experience, work ethic and positive vibes you’ll feel great about having on your team!

Virtually, nice to meet you … Can’t wait to learn more about YOU, and how I can help!

Mel Rose




Voicecast Networks
Idiom Talent Agency - Shane Cormier



Most Current VO Coaching: Kelly McGee, Rick Wasserman, Everett Oliver, Domingo Castillo, Charlie Toro, Debra Sperling, Amy Hartman VOA/Mentors: Mercedes Lewis, Melanie Yodkins, Josh Alexander
Also: Character/Animation – Don Pitts, Charlie Adler, Kris Zimmerman, Louis Charmis, Pat Freeman VO Workshops, Including- Jim Cummings, Lucille Bliss, Bob Bergen
VO Business and Tech Mentors – Nick Omana, Uncle Roy Yokelson, Noel Blanc
On-Camera – Tim Halderman, Lani O’Grady, Patrick Strong
Theater – Robert Heinlein (Meisner and Stanislavski), June Chandler, Joe Vierno (Musical Theater), North Shore Music Theater (Beverly, MA),  The Little Theater, NY, Newburyport Theater,  MA Canyon Theatre Guild, Los Angeles
Dance/Musical Theater: Salem Ballet Co, Boston Ballet Co (Virginia Williams), Deane School of Dance, Dance Educators of America and Dance Masters of America – Workshops Ballet, Tap Jazz, including – Edward Villella, Violette Verdy, Paul Draper, Gwen Verdon, Frank Ohman